Why Don't More Courses Make Bill Burgers?

Preparing for my lunch today, I was searching for something related to Olympic and stumbled on Katie Sweeney's slideshow of the Bill Burger stand, with a little background on how this great Olympic Club tradition started (the burger stand is not open during the U.S. Open but they are served in a member's hospitality tent).

The Bill Burger was created in the 1950s by Bill Parish. He opened a trailer outside of the Olympic Club and served golfers hot dogs and hamburgers. Since he didn't want to pay for two different kinds of buns, he made a burger in the shape of a hot dog, and served it in a hot dog bun. The burgers became so popular among the golfers that the Olympic Club invited Bill inside to set up shop along the course.

I can say having had one of these mid-round, actually, mid-tournament round, they are way easier to handle. And we know that's vital as you are playing to minimize disruption.

Thanks to Mike Benham I was reunited today with the Olympic club burger in the members tent and they remain as delicious as I remember.

But back to the topic at hand and in the interest of important social change, why don't more courses borrow Bill's brilliant idea?