More Than You Wanted To Know About The Bird Man Of Olympic Club

The San Francisco Chronicle has a fantastic gallery of images from Sunday's trophy ceremony, including the TSA's USGA's Mike Davis in action (eat your heart out Fay and Hannigan!). My favorite part is the look on Bob Costas' face.

Steve Elling noted this from the ceremony:

A fan in the gallery actually yelled, and drew big laughs, with, "Nice tackle, Mike Davis."

Thanks to reader Chuck for spotting Matt Yoder's Awful Announcing post identifying the Bird Man as a deforestation protester.

He goes by the name of Jungle Bird, and his mission is to stop deforestation.  

Jungle Bird's Facebook page describes himself as a "fictional character" and "activist dedicated to raising awareness of deforestation :-)."  Perhaps yesterday's episode will push him above 100 likes on Facebook.  Oh well, at least he's still doing better than the Craig James for Senate campaign.