Update On The Q-School Replacement Disaster, If You Care

Doug Ferguson reports that the PGA Tour Policy Board just can't quite iron out the details on the boondoggle to replace Q-School with a PGA Tour/Nationwide Tour combo platter playoff. 

"We're about halfway there," said Steve Stricker, who is on the board. "We determined there's going to be something different, but that something different isn't close yet. It's tough. No matter what system you come up, everybody pokes holes in it. We're trying to make sure we think about every possible person or category."

The key is to keep it simple. Golf already has too much math.

"That's what it's getting down to," Stricker said. "Let your score be the judge where you're going to go."

What has emerged over two months of study is that the Tour is leading toward automatic PGA Tour cards for the top 15 on the Nationwide Tour. Now, the top 25 on that money list graduate to the big leagues.

What happened to the "body of work" argument for the Nationwide Tour season over three weeks of Q-School? This sounds more and more like a way to keep PGA Tour players on the PGA Tour.