Dawson Clarifies Where Anchoring Discussions Stand

Doug Ferguson reports on Peter Dawson, R&A Chief Executive, speaking at today's post-Open press conference.

Dawson's comments in their entirety:

The situation is that the R&A and the USGA are ‑‑ do have this subject firmly back on the radar.  We appreciate that there is much speculation about this and that we need to clarify the position as soon as possible.  And I think you're going to see us saying something about it one way or the other in a few months rather than years.

There are still further meetings to be had, so we're just going to have to be patient I'm afraid and wait and see the outcome.  But as you know, it is under active discussion.

Q.  Could you share at least who's involved in these meetings?

PETER DAWSON:  Well, the initial determination has been that we are examining the subject from a method of stroke standpoint rather than length of putter standpoint, and that takes it into the area of the rules of play, the rules of golf, rather than the rules of equipment.  And therefore it's the rules of golf committees of the R&A and the USGA who are looking at this in detail, and then they have to make their recommendations to the boards of each organisation.

And later on...

Q.  Some would say if Adam Scott won, it would have been the lesser of the two evils, using that broom handle putter.  Is it fair to say it is anchoring more than anything, and if action is going to be taken it would be more against belly than broom handle?

PETER DAWSON:  No, anchoring is what we're looking at, method of stroke, and it's all about putting around a fixed pivot point, whether that fixed pivot point is in your belly or under your chin or on your chest.  I don't distinguish between the two.  It's a matter of stroke issue.