These Guys Are Good, Especially On Twitter Files: Charlie Beljan Edition

There is apparently someone on the PGA Tour named Charlie Beljan who, through the miracle of the all-exempt tour and of course, hard, hard, work, has racked up $424,278 this year thanks to a T3 at Greenbrier (you all remember it!). Best of all, for the real thinkers of society, he's on Twitter embellishing the political dialogue with his own unique brand of classy missives.

Note that after his Tweet referring to the President of the United States as the "biggest D Bag this country has ever seen" there is also a nice conversation where a new fan who met Beljan at the Travelers and who works in Penn State athletic communications, suggests he's no longer a fan. And you guessed it, Charlie and one of his followers use this as an opportunity to insult the fan (these guys are good!) and lumps the President of the United States in with the folks who covered up child molestation at Penn State.

And who says today's players aren't fan friendly and using social media to enhance brands across all platforms?

There is good news for Charlie!

He won't have to worry about meeting President Obama as part of a winning Ryder or Presidents Cup team anytime soon because he's ranked 371 in the world and at 159th in FedEx Cup points, has a ways to go to retain his card.