Reactions To Augusta's Monday Morning News, Vol. 1

You have to love Augusta National announcing its first female members and on a Monday instead of making writers search for women in green jackets and reading about it on a Friday night.

As for the reaction, the first ones are in. Martha Burk, quoted in an updated version of Doug Ferguson's story:

"Oh my God. We won," Burk said. "It's about 10 years too late for the boys to come into the 20th century, never mind the 21st century. But it's a milestone for women in business."

Colin Cowherd interviewed Martha Burk on ESPN radio.

Deadspin was less impressed, sporting this headline: "Rich Old Cracker Says Incompetent Woman Can Play Golf At His Stupid Club"

Christine Brennan in the USA Today may need an oxygen mask after this bluster:

Today, one of the last bastions of male supremacy is no more. Today, Augusta National has made a crucial statement to every girl and woman who has thought about picking up a golf club. The message is simple: You are welcome.

That same message is being sent to every girl and woman who has even thought about trying to enter a sport or a field of study or a job that boys and men have dominated. If Augusta National can bring in women, then anyone can.

That's how big of a deal this is.

Gary Player tweeted that it was "great news" the club was admitting its first female members "in 80 years."

Here is Condi Rice's Golf Digest interview with John Barton from June, 2011 talking about her life and on this page, Augusta National.