Oh Noh! Q-School Grad Takes Over Cup Lead

Granted, they're only projections at this point and the first time he falls out of the tournament lead he's lost control of the cup, but after an opening 62 Seung-Yul Noh is theoretically the new Reset Cup leader.  Now all he has to do is win the Deutsche Bank and then go on to win the SEC Championship game. Wait, that's, ah forget it.

Mike McAllister tells us a little more
about the 21-year-old and Deutsche Bank Championship first round leader.

Despite his success on the European Tour, Noh tired of the long travel, different countries and continental cuisine. So he went through q-school last year, earned his TOUR card by finishing tied for third, and moved into his uncle's house in San Diego.

To help with his transition to America, Noh said he's leaned on fellow Korean Y.E. Yang; they have dinner together most nights. His older sister joins him on TOUR; on Thursday, she could be seen on the putting green, helping as needed.

Noh asked his parents to fly over from Korea last week for his Playoffs debut at The Barclays, but they declined. "Too tired," Noh said with a smile.

As for the galleries? Well, they're still getting familiar with the youngster from Korea. As he walks past them, Noh said he sometimes hears encouraging words such as, "Go Kevin!"

Noh was asked about Q-School after the round and there's good news for the xenophobes, the new rules requiring Q-School grads go to the Web.com Tour should discourage non-Americans.

Q.  Q‑school last year?

Q.  Under new system, if you had to come here and play one year on Nationwide or Web.com TOUR, would you still have come to America?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I'm not play Web.com.  I play‑‑ first time playing 2010 Memorial, and then two, three times playing every year, so not much different.

Q.  Next year there is no more going to Q‑school, and then straight to TOUR.  There's Q‑school and then one year on Web.com.  Would you have been willing to do that?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I don't know.  That's difficult to Korean players, come over to America.  I don't like that.

And since the tour appears to be fleeing that also-ran YouTube, here is the meager-in-size PGA Tour highlights embed: