NBC's Johnny And Brandel Support Radical New FedExCup Ending

Nice to see Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee and NBC commentator Johnny Miller advocating the FedExCup solution we suggested five years ago in Golf World as the best way to end things for fans and television.

From Wednesday's Tour Championship and Ryder Cup conference call:

BRANDEL CHAMBLEE:  Well, I would start THE TOUR Championship, if it were me running it, I would start it on Wednesday.  I would have the tournament boils down to four guys at the end of Saturday night and I would have all four of those guys tee it up Sunday for the $10 million.

    The last two times the FedExCup has been contested, Jim Furyk didn't know he won it; Bill Haas doesn't know he won it.  If you want guys to sweat over $10 million, it's pretty obvious that first of all, they need to know that they are putting for $10 million, and for a fan's perspective that would be pretty darned interesting.

    All of the sporting lines on Sunday get boiled down really to who is going to win it, and I think that would be interesting.  There's a million different ways to get that done.  That's one obvious one that I would be entertained by.

    JOHNNY MILLER:  I've said similar things, because you know, so many of these tour championships, FedEx champion things, I remember when Phil came from behind and won THE TOUR Championship, and of course Tiger had a big lead in the FedEx, and it's almost more exciting that Phil was winning THE TOUR Championship than the FedEx.  It's sort of like, which one are we ‑‑ it's like they meld together and it's a little confusing to the public.

    So I think Brandel's idea is quite a good one, because obviously all of these guys, you can shoot 90 tore four rounds and make 300,000 in THE TOUR Championship and get in almost every tournament there is, every World Golf Championships and recall the majors; the guys that are in THE TOUR Championship, they have had a great week as far as what the next year holds and winning a lot of money.

    So the ten million could be really highlighted if you took x must be of guys and said, okay, now, you've made a big payday, you've got all these things going for you, now let's go see who wins the FedEx.  Yeah, I like that.

Yes, me too! Which is precisely why the Ponte Vedra Police will resist it.