Tour Championship Day One Permutations And Matrixes Of Data Open Comment Thread

Oh, not really, but seeing as how the Commissioner says fans love the permutations and just another matrix of data, I figured I better have a thread open in case you need a place to work out your formulizations.

Of course, Tiger said the whole thing is "not quite fair" yesterday. I did not see those remarks on, FYI.

This is my first time under this current structure.  I was asked probably this last year what do you think of this new structure?  I said, well, it's set up so that if the guy, if he does win the first, let's say, three playoff events and finishes second in the Players Championship, he could still lose it.  I don't think that's quite fair, but that is our current system.

Before, the systems I played were cumulative.  There was I think a reset in one of them that I think I might have played in, but certainly not like it is now.