"It is such an inconvenience and it is risky renting it out to people you don't know…On the other hand, boy, it would be nice to pay for my daughter's college tuition."

Jessica Parks of the Philadelphia Inquirer looks at the possible $20-60,000 windfalls for homeowners near Merion should they be able to rent out their homes during the 2013 U.S. Open.

So far, business is slow but it's early!

Bob Thomas, a Main Line real estate agent and golf enthusiast, said he sent out one round of flyers a year ago. The rest of his would-be rentees came through word of mouth. His website, 2013golfrentals.com, has 92 listings organized by walking distance to the gate.

Thomas said he's had numerous inquiries from prospective renters, but no signings yet. He's confident the deals will ramp up in the next few months, as spectators begin to make travel arrangements.

"People are still holding on to their money, paying off holiday bills," he said. "Corporations are still working out their budgets for the year."