Protocol Says Vijay Should Get A One-Year Suspension...

Rex Hoggard explains that the first doping violation, according to the PGA Tour's policy, results in a one year-suspension. 

Oh, that is, unless Commissioner Distraction deems otherwise. Which, he probably will because he doesn't want to have to avoid running into Vijay Singh at the TPC Sawgrass range every day for the next year.

According to the Tour’s policy, which was initiated in 2008, a player’s first doping violation results in a one-year suspension, although Tour commissioner Tim Finchem “may depart from the sanction guidance . . .  as he deems appropriate in a particular case.”

Unlike all other fines and punishments doled out by the Tour, a violation of the circuit’s anti-doping policy is made available to the media and public. According to the policy, “In each case where a period of ineligibility has been imposed or tournament results have been disqualified, the PGA Tour will, at a minimum, publish the name of the player, the anti-doping rule violation, and the sanctioned imposed.”