Ugh: Time Inc. Layoffs Hit SI,

It pains me to see comrades at Sports Illustrated/ losing their jobs as part of Time Inc's 6% global work force reduction. Some very talented people were let go today, and while this Keith Kelly story doesn't name names, it won't get them their jobs back to point out who is suffering today.

This story cites the layoff numbers, advertising issues and quotes the new CEO, Laura Lang, in a memo to staff:

In a memo obtained by Bloomberg News Wednesday, Laura Lang, the company’s CEO, spoke of a new normal in which magazine companies have to learn how to do more with less. “With the significant and ongoing changes in our industry, we must continue to transform our company into one that is leaner, more nimble and more innately multi-platform,” Lang wrote.

Innately multi-platform. As opposed to multi-platform.

“To make this change, we need to operate as smartly and efficiently as possible to create room for critical investments and new initiatives. These reductions are part of this important transformation process.”