McIlroy-Horizon Trial Set; Rory Alleges He Was Misled Into Signing

Two stories were posted on Monday's court date, both unbylined, and both a bit sketchy in the details and reporting division.

An unbylined BBC story says Rory McIlroy is seeking to recover 7m euros (£5.9m) via his suit against former agent Horizon Sports.

An unbylined Belfast Telegraph story has more details of Monday's court date in Dublin where Justice Peter Kelly said the claims by both McIlroy and Horizon exceeded a one million euro threshold, sending the case to the High Court.

Rather incredibly, McIlroy is claiming to have signed under unusual and exploitative conditions. The Horizon Christmas party.

From the Telegraph story:

Court papers reveal the 24-year-old claims he was exploited and misled when he first signed a contact at the end of 2011 because he had no knowledge of negotiations, and in March 2013 when his multi-million dollar endorsement with Nike was signed.

March 2013 for Nike?!

McIlroy maintains he was not furnished with any draft of the agreement prior to it being presented to him for signature on December 21 2011, in a solicitor's office on the day of Horizon's Christmas party "in circumstances of great informality".

In his statement of claim, he alleges Horizon boss agent Conor Ridge acted primarily in the interests of his company as opposed to, and to the detriment of, the interests of McIlroy.

"In particular Horizon and Mr. Ridge were primarily concerned with maximising their own share of any commission," it alleged.

The story details two other instances of fraud claimed by McIlroy, including a first class ticket to Abu Dhabi changed from his name to a Horizon staffer's, and a since re-paid donation to UNICEF.

The Independent's legal editor, Dearbhail McDonald, Tweets that Horizon is countersuing for $2.64 million.