Daly Tan, Rested, Blonder And Drinking His Chocolate Milk

After a 68 in the opening round of the BMW Masters in his first tournament since elbow surgery, John Daly was a entertaining as ever in sharing his secret to a quick recovery.

From an unbylined AP story:

Daly rolled up the sleeve of his wind vest to reveal a scar on the right elbow. He said doctors inserted two screws and wrapped tendons both ways, and he never flinched or felt any pain on any of his shots.

He returned looking a bit heavier than in the summer, and part of that was by design. He felt he needed to add some weight to regain strength, and it was an easy fix.

"I drank a ton of Vitamin D milk," Daly said. "My mom always told me the old remedy was to drink a lot of milk. But I put a lot of chocolate syrup in mine."

Otherwise, he still looked like the Daly of old.

He chose a checkered pattern of red, yellow and black for his trousers, and considering Munich-based BMW as the title sponsor, someone remarked that he wore German colors. Daly was not aware of this.

"No disrespect to the Germans," he said, "but we call it ketchup and mustard."