Video: Speedgolf World Championships At Bandon

According to Thomas Boyd reporting and recording on site for The Oregonian, Rob Hogan bested a field of 54 others to win the 2013 event with a score of 236.55.

The score is a combination of total strokes added to the total minutes and seconds it takes the player to complete the round. Hogan had rounds of 77-79 that were played in 39 minutes, 31 seconds and 41 minutes, 29 seconds.

Now that's wild!

Oh but it gets better, as Boyd files a video report on 2007 World Championship winner (1500 and 5000 meters) Bernard Lagat competing in his first golf tournament.

While he finished last, he still puts on a great show. Shoot, Golf Channel could put this on and it would outdraw a 2013-14 PGA Tour event. (Not a huge hurdle, I'll grant you that.)

The video from The Oregonian: