Quick Roundup: World Long Drive From Las Vegas Speedway

I'm not going to spoil it in case you didn't watch or are just that anxious to read my column in next week's Golf World, but the Remax World Long Drive Championship finished with a stunning act of athleticism and clutch performance.

For the first two hours, the players displayed the usual emotion and frustration that comes with trying to hit a 400-yard drive while an audience looks on. Throw in the live element, a few kinks in the process of making the whole thing work, and the momentum built slowly before the final was down to 4. When the far more compelling match play element started, the event lived up to its promise.

If you want to know more about winner Tim Burke and the finals-record 427-yard drive that allowed him to edge England's Joe Miller, you can read about the winner in W.C. Ramirez's game story, or catch one of the Golf Channel encore telecasts: Thursday, Oct. 31, 4 a.m. ET, Monday, Nov. 4, 12:30 a.m. ET, Sunday, Dec. 1, 11:30 a.m. ET.