Prez Cup Press Mood Shifts To Defcon 2 On Eve Of Marathon Day

Nothing pleases the scribes more than tee times delayed until 10:10 am to appease a television audience of a few hundred thousands on a Friday in fall. Especially when all scribblers know that a 30% forecast in Dublin equals 100% in any other part of the country!

Throw in Captain's blowing off the press room, whip up a Saturday "marathon" 36-hole day which figures to go from 7 am to 7pm, and that should leave everyone in a stellar mood by the time Sunday's singles and 80% chance of rain (heavy at times) rolls around. That's assuming Saturday survives without storms in Dublin, home of rain.

In other words, soak up Friday's highlights because (A) there were a lot of them, and (B) this thing could be headed to Monday when the "document" says the team with the most points puts the Cup out of its misery by sundown.