Grey Goose Named Official Favorite Vodka Of PGA Tour VP's

I'll spare you the entire press release announcing Grey Goose as the official hooch of the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and assorted PGA Tour-operated facilities.

But there were two buried ledes...

As part of the marketing sponsorship, GREY GOOSE will be featured in all PGA TOUR Grills, a new premium restaurant concept focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which is launching during the spring of 2014 in select airports around the United States.

When I think PGA Tour, I think locally sourced ingredients at the airport.

And it appears platform has run its course as must-use press release jargon, as activate shoots to the front of herd. This is evident when one of the class acts in the VP ranks and a possible future commissioner is even using the "a" word...

“GREY GOOSE is a premier, internationally recognized brand that has a long-standing involvement with golf,” said Jay Monahan, Chief Marketing Officer of the PGA TOUR. “We are very pleased to partner with such a respected brand and look forward to working with the GREY GOOSE team to activate on the three Tours, as well as at our TPCs and special events.”