Vijay's Lawyer: Tour Has Made Multiple Drug Policy Exceptions

Peter Ginsburg, Vijay Singh's attorney in the lawsuit against the tour over Vijay's since-revoked suspension, says he has evidence that the PGA Tour has been exempting players from testing and has chosen not to punish others for positive test results.

Ryan Ballengee reveals what was said in a court hearing last month.

“[O]ne of the elements of bad faith that we are prepared to show in this case, is that the PGA (Tour) has made exception after exception after exception, both with regard to whom it was administering this drug policy, and against whom it was disciplining, violators of the drug policy,” Ginsburg said in an Oct. 24 hearing on the PGA Tour’s motion to dismiss Singh’s lawsuit.

Ginsburg continued, “[F]or some reason, for some reason, for some reason, the PGA (Tour) singled out Mr. Singh and treated him in a way that it has not historically or uniformly treated other PGA (Tour) members.”

Gosh this is going to be so fun. Other than the truth coming out, who do you root for in this one?