Bring Long Drive To The Olympics!

In this week's Golf World I pen a column on last week's World Long Drive Championship in Las Vegas and while the new live, primetime edition still has some kinks to work out, the event was a super start on the path to something bigger.

Since the current Olympic golf format of 72-holes-of-stroke-play iss my preferred method of inducing deep naps, the column floats the idea of making Long Drive the next Beach Volleyball and adding it as an Olympic sport. Ty, this is my early Christmas gift to you, lover of skill competitions that you are!

In the column, make sure to note the input from former USGA Executive Director David Fay. Yet another reminder that there are no new ideas, just ones of the recycled 100-year-old variety.

A few photos from a festive and exciting night at Las Vegas Motor Speedway: