Video: Reviewing Merion, Talking International PGA

Not to overshadow the great play of the major winners and those who contested for golf's top titles so valiantly in 2013, but as someone intrigued by venue selection the success of Merion was a standout story.

As discussed in the 19th Hole clip here featuring David Fay, John Feinstein, Steve Sands and myself, the course played much tougher than many of us expected and if that's what keeps everyone motivated to return the U.S. Open to Merion in the future, fine. Though as I mention in the segment, players felt some of the setup measures were far from necessary to keep the course relevant.

While the tape wasn't relived, Mr. Feinstein scoffed at my suggestion back in August that the PGA Championship consider an occasional date outside of the USA. Now that we know this to be something the PGA is considering, the 19th Hole cast debates and I'm willing to defend the idea, and predict a date or venue.