Revamped Trump Doral Re-Opens For Play

The Blue Monster is back! Again!

Bill Van Smith previewed the reinvigorated Trump National Doral for the Miami Herald, which opened to public play last Saturday after its latest facelift.

Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner oversaw the redo for The Donald who, shockingly, had his usual ridiculous praise, including a "nothing like it in golf."

“It’s a brand-new course, not a re-do,” Trump said after finishing his round. “We felt it was just an amazing piece of land that we could do something spectacular with, and we built a new Blue Monster. It’s a bigger course with bigger lakes. It’s a more spectacular course.

“The old Blue Monster was a good course, but this is better. There is nothing like this in golf.

“I had a great time playing it.”

The green fee is, gulp, $450.