This Week In Golf Channel Ratings: Friday Shark Shootout...

...outpaces the final round ratings of PGA Tour's wraparound schedule events. I know, it's getting painful to see that just about anything beats the new-look PGA Tour's opening events. But it could be worse, you might be  a sponsor putting up millions for a PGA Tour event and having fewer eyeballs for your weekend coverage than a silly season event. Even events as silly as the seemingly moribund Franklin Templeton Shootout.

Son of the Bronx posts the latest numbers, which showed a slight increase overall for Golf Channel compared to last year at this time, with the top show a .2/256,000 viewers for Friday coverage of the Shark Shootout. (NBC aired the weekend play and those numbers are not posted.)

We discussed the concept that is Tim Finchem's year-round PGA Tour golf on the 19th Hole, though Mr. Sands' comment about "needing to miss" the sport did not make this edit: