The Year In Viral Golf Videos

Alex Myers posts his top 25 viral videos of the golf year 2013 and while I'm not enamored with his top two selections, the overall effort is admirable. He mixes the top commercials that went viral along with the telecast and homemade clips grabbing our attention. Though none are as subtly satisfying as Jerry Jones' reaction to the Cowboys' playoff elimination or as cringe-inducing as Anderson Silva's fateful kick this weekend, it was a pretty good year in golf videos.

Though it's hardly a homemade job, the EA ad with Tiger, Palmer and Trevino made for a nice way to cap off the end to Tiger's 14 years with the company:

And Golf Channel posts their top viral videos of the year based on views, topped by Chi Chi's ricochet shot to the midsection, which edged out Holly's revealing of her midsection.