First Morning Drive Review Is In!

Golfweek's Martin Kaufmann watched the entire debut week and now weighs in with an entertaining review of the revamped show.

So far, Kaufmann writes, the show has suffered from golf's lack of news to dissect and from too much scripting of dialogue.

When the men of “The View” – er, “Morning Drive” – are seated in their comfy chairs, it would be nice to think they’re just four buddies swapping stories and opinions. But it often seems so scripted: On the “Front 9” segment, for instance, Holly Sonders poses a question to the guy to her left, who then talks to the guy to his left, who talks to the guy to his left, who talks to the guy to his left, who kicks it back to Sonders. I’m sure they’re sharing their own thoughts, but it’s so structured that it sometimes feels as though they’re speaking their lines. A little more spontaneity would be nice.

While there is a big cast, there’s no compelling voice who will make viewers put down the morning paper to listen. (As an aside, does every guy on “Morning Drive” have a sweater endorsement deal? It was 80 degrees last week in Orlando, but the guys were bundled up as if they were broadcasting from Oak Hill in the dead of winter.)