Help Me Understand This Quote From A (Sometimes) Anchorer

Harrison Frazar is on the PGA Tour Policy Board and generally one of the more thoughtful and introspective players on the PGA Tour.

Since he may be casting a vote on the tour's potentially explosive position rejecting the governing bodies on the proposed rule change, I'm having trouble with this quote in Alex Miceli's extensive look at the issue heading into today's policy board meeting.

“I've used long putters; I've used belly putters; I've used short and regular; I've used ultra short with fat grips; I've used all of it,” Frazar said from his home in Texas. “And with the exception of helping me just simply get the ball in the hole from a foot-and-a-half, I didn't notice a whole lot of difference. It never really made me a better putter. So I'm hesitant to agree with them that it changes the way the game is played.”

So anchoring helped him get the ball into the hole from a very short distance, something he couldn't do with as much regularity with a traditional stroke.

That sounds like an advantage gained and not necessarily one earned through skill. Yes? No?