Springs Like Effect! Homeowners Association Meeting Turns Into "Something Resembling A WWE Wrestling Brawl"

Tamara Stone in the Desert Sun reports what few juicy details she could get anyone to admit to in the homeowners meeting gone bad at Rancho Mirage's The Springs Country Club.

According to Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Myling Bordeau, at about 4 p.m., deputies responded to numerous calls regarding a fight at The Springs’ clubhouse at 75 Columbia Drive.

The brouhaha erupted after the results of the board member election were announced, Bordeau said.

“Some people were upset that a certain person won and began yelling at him and pushing him,” Bordeau said.

The yelling and pushing quickly escalated to chair throwing, fist fighting and tackling.

Democracy in action!

A club security guard pulled his gun during the chaos, but held it at his side, Bordeau said.

Wait, they have an armed guard at a club in the desert? Oy.

While more than a dozen residents confirmed the incident, all were tight-lipped about commenting on exactly what happened.

“The less we talk about it, the more it is forgotten,” said resident Denver Ginsey.