Bamberger: Finchem Announcing Anchoring Opposition Sunday

Michael Bamberger says Commissioner Tim Finchem will make his annual bathroom-break-for-everyone-else appearance on the WGC Accenture Match Play's Sunday telecast to lull insomniacs into naps.

But in a bit of a shocker, Bamberger says Finchem will also be announcing the PGA Tour's opposition to the proposed ban on anchoring and by doing so on television, would be launching a shock marketing attack on the USGA and R&A:

Finchem, of course, could do that in a letter to the USGA, and surely will. He's going on TV, during the final day of the Accenture Match Play Championship, because he knows how this game is really played. It's being waged, as all fights are in this unprincipled age, in the court of public opinion. He wants the golfing public to be behind the Tour's position. War is on, and he's playing to win.

It is quite the aggressive move if true. Stay tuned! And for a change, don't head to the restroom when the Commish makes an appearance. That's what the inevitable Accenture drone's appearance is for.