Hank's Already Got Michael Phelps Saying It's A Process!

While it was fun to see what Hank Haney could do with Charles Barkley's downswing yips (and triple yips) the noted instructor has never had a relatively neuroses-free world-class athlete like Michael Phelps to work with, making the season debut (9 ET) of Golf Channel's reality show actually somewhat tantalizing.

Ed Sherman features a preview and some comments from both Phelps and Haney. If nothing else, we now know where Tiger gets his "process" talk. And Phelps is already wheeling that word out:

So I mean, I think that’s just where the pressure comes from on my standpoint, and I’ll say that being able to play in the Waste Management and also playing in The Ryder Cup Pro‑Am, I felt pressure there because I’ve never played golf in front of thousands of people.  I guess that was an interesting and new experience.

And Haney:

The thing that I think gives him a big advantage is that he knows the process, he’s patient with the process.  He always talks about just taking little baby steps and he’s had great coaching through his career, so he knows what it’s like to be coached.  So I felt like, you know what, this is going to be a dream student for me.

Phelps on Morning Drive today: