Golf Channel Adds Ted Robinson, Has Unenviable Task Of Saying "Bear Trap" 4,599 Times This Weekend

Emmy-winning NBC/USA play-by-play man Ted Robinson has been added to the Golf Channel team, and as a huge fan of his work on NBC's tennis coverage, this should a great move.

Unfortunately, someone at the corporate office clearly does not like Robinson--no relation to the late golf architect--because his first Golf Channel gig consists of anchoring the "spotlight" coverage at that icky three-hole stretch known as "The Bear Trap."

You can hear Robinson Saturday and Sunday while NBC is airing traditional network coverage of the Bear Trap Classic from Bear Trap National in Bear Trap, Florida.

Ron Sirak addressed the whole Bear Trap deal in this week's Golf World Preview.

...brace yourself for this inevitability: Slow pan of the bear statue (above) at No. 15. Zoom in on the plaque proclaiming the next three holes will kick the stuffing out of you. The announcer's voice takes on a tone both ominous and excited. Then sit back and enjoy as the Bear Trap mauls the field. Cutesy name, annoyingly overused, but great entertainment.

Anyway, For Immediate Release:

Traditional Coverage of The Honda Classic on NBC and ‘Spotlight’ Coverage on Golf Channel Both Begin at 3 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday

Emmy Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster Ted Robinson Makes Golf Channel Debut as ‘Spotlight’ Coverage Play-by-Play Announcer

NBC Sports Group Airing 20 Hours of Live Coverage of The Honda Classic

ORLANDO, Fla. (Feb. 28, 2013) – NBC Sports Group’s tournament coverage of The Honda Classic this weekend will feature the return of Golf Channel’s Spotlight coverage, featuring live action of players navigating traditionally one of the toughest three-hole stretches in golf – “The Bear Trap” – and complementing NBC’s award-winning traditional coverage.

While NBC is on the air live from 3-6 p.m. ET this weekend with traditional coverage, Golf Channel also will be on the air live, but focusing on ‘The Bear Trap,’ the challenging signature stretch of holes encompassing Nos. 15-17 on the Jack Nicklaus-designed PGA National Champion Course. Golf Channel’s Spotlight coverage will conclude at 5 p.m. ET each day, when viewers will be directed to the final hour of NBC’s third- and final-round coverage. Spotlight coverage made its Golf Channel debut at the 2012 Honda Classic.

The Spotlight coverage on-air team includes Ted Robinson, who will be making his Golf Channel debut, handling play-by-play responsibilities. Robinson, an Emmy Award-winning sports broadcaster, has served as play-by-play host for NBC’s and USA Network’s tennis coverage for more than 20 years, has covered eight Olympic Games and, currently, is the radio voice of the San Francisco 49ers. Joining Robinson will be Curt Byrum as lead analyst, Tom Abbott as tower analyst, and Scott McCarron and Phil Parkin reporting from the course. Todd Lewis will conduct post-round interviews.

NBC’s production, which will be overseen by Emmy Award-winning producer Tommy Roy, will operate side-by-side with Golf Channel’s Spotlight production unit led by producer Keith Hirshland.


Thursday    3-6 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live traditional coverage)
Friday    3-6 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live traditional coverage)
Saturday    1-3 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live lead-in coverage)
Saturday    3-6 p.m. ET (NBC live traditional coverage)
Saturday    3-5 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live Spotlight coverage)
Sunday    1-3 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live lead-in coverage)
Sunday    3-6 p.m. ET (NBC live traditional coverage)
Sunday    3-5 p.m. ET (Golf Channel live Spotlight coverage)