LPGA Likely To Support Governing Bodies, Too

LPGA Commish Mike Whan was asked earlier in the week and made it hard to see the tour going any way but in full support of the USGA and R&A on the anchoring ban.


On the issue of the USGA and R&A, I've said this many times, there's nobody better placed to establish the right rules of the game than the R&A and the USGA.  They don't have a stake in it in any other way; in equipment or players, etc., and we have been playing by their rules for a long time.  I certainly expect the LPGA will be playing by their rules for a long time from now on.

I respect the way they have gone about this which is they have given us the opportunity to provide feedback.  As most of you know that follow the LPGA, and most of you do, we don't have a large number of anchored or belly putter players.  I've asked Heather Daly‑Donofrio, our tour head from an operations perspective, to reach out to every player that we know that does and get their feedback; so their feedback will be involved as well.

But on a personal level, this is just Mike Whan speaking, I believe in the R&A and the USGA and their role in the game to do what is right without any stake one way or the other.

Randall Mell also got a quote from LPGA spokesman Kraig Kann who says the tour will issue a firm stance once the governing bodies decide how they will go forward following the comment perio.