Vijay And Finchem To Meet In Land Of The Deer!

Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis confirmed the meeting somewhere on the Monterey Peninsula, according to Rex Hoggard.

He also reports that Vijay Singh's deer antler spray supplier made this statement to John Maginnes on Sirius/XM.

On Monday, S.W.A.T.S. founder Mitch Ross told John Maginnes on Sirus/XM Radio that, “Your body produces IGF-1 every day, it’s in food – meat and milk. You cannot ban a natural occurring substance. (Deer) antler velvet is not on any banned substance list, NFL, baseball, but it was on the (PGA Tour green sheet, Aug. 2011). I didn’t know this and either did Vijay.”

Doug Ferguson reports that reporters tried to get a comment from Singh.

Vijay Singh was leaving the practice range at Pebble Beach on Tuesday when one of the few reporters that has a working relationship with the Fijian called out to him. Singh looked at him, said nothing, and kept walking.

"So that would be no comment?" the reporter said.

"Yes," Singh replied.