Outtakes: Westwood On Slow Play, Quitting Social Media

For Feherty watchers this week, featured guest Lee Westwood reminds us why he's one of the most likeable players in the game. Of particular interest to me was the talk of Chubby and Rory.

Anyway, there's a nice group of outtakes that didn't make his engaging chat with David Feherty, which I lapped up on the Feherty page because I'll be taking a break next week when Elmer Fudd Jack Welch and his socks were somehow the featured guest. Kill. Me. Now.

In this clip, Westwood is opposed to the proposed anchoring ban solely because he feels "the horse had bolted" and the governing bodies are "shutting the stable door too late." Instead, he says they are concentrating on the wrong thing instead of slow play, which he says is "the scourge of the modern game. Not the long putter."

Fair enough.

He also talks about giving up Twitter in another outtake that didn't make the show: