Troon Golf: "The anchored putting stroke is not the place to start."

Mike Bailey reports that the esteemed course management company has announced its opposition to the USGA/R&A proposed anchoring ban.

The rationale was no doubt influenced by Troon Golf CEO Dana Garmany, who has always spoken eloquently about the nightmares for course operators caused by ever-increasing distance advances.

Our belief is centered on a desire to give all level of golfers more reasons to play and eliminate barriers that push potential players to invest their time and resources towards other leisure activities.

 In essence, we believe in the USGA’s authority to look at the equipment and other aspects of the rules, but feel the anchored putting stroke is not the place to start. As Jack Nicklaus has said, if we want to lower costs and barriers to entry in our game, there are many places for the USGA or other governing bodies to take steps to shorten yardage and time, and eliminate costs in the game of golf.

 Above all else, we encourage golfers to have fun pursuing methods under the current rules of golf that help improve their skills and thereby increase their enjoyment of the game.

Of course, maybe the conspiracy theorists have it right that the anchoring ban was just a test case for the big fish that Troon would surely support: a reset to offset the recent distance leaps?