Augusta National Fighting Auction Of Art Wall's Green Jacket

Steve Hummer reports on the lawsuit filed in a Texas district court  to stop the sale and how the club has already successfully gotten the auction postponed.

According to court documents filed by Augusta National Inc. (ANI) in its suit to halt the sale of Wall’s Masters jacket at auction, the tournament winner is allowed to take his jacket off the grounds for a period of one year after his victory.

“Thereafter, it must be stored on ANI premises for use only on the grounds and during the annual tournament,” it claimed in the documents. “Thus, a champion’s Green Jacket is owned by ANI, with a champion having possessory rights when on the premises of ANI.”

Responded Florida anesthesiologist and serious golf collector Stephen Pyles, “I have owned six, maybe seven, green jackets. I can go on the Internet right now and buy you a member’s green jacket.”

Hummer also gets into the whole market for members and former champion jackets.