Irony Files: Tiger Advises Rory To Say Little, Then He Says A Lot!

While reading Iain Carter's excellent analysis of the corner Rory McIlroy has painted himself into with his WD and ensuing spin--"he still he has explaining to do"--I was more fascinated by a quote from Tiger mocking the people who cover him.

You may recall that Tiger's advice to Rory via the press was essentially along the lines of be careful and don't say too much. And that was what most reported. A few used it as a chance to mention that Tiger is cryptic with his answers, some defending, some calling him less than honest.

And then Tiger went a little further last Friday, but I didn't see the comments until Carter quoted him.

I'm not sure what is funnier, the delicious irony of Tiger saying something so raw and blunt about those who cover him when he was talking about being careful what you say, or the lack of stories from the golf media mentioning that he thinks they don't understand the game!

Either way, now we know what Tiger really thinks of the people asking him questions.

From Friday at the Honda Classic:

Q.  When you're going through swing changes in 2008 and 2004 and there was a lot of criticism, you didn't really say anything too much about it, you just got to the end result instead.  Is that hard not to fight back on the choice to change clubs?

TIGER WOODS:  Well, that's just because people don't understand.  Most of the people that are commentating or analyzing don't understand the game of golf, so I didn't have a problem with it.

Q.  Is there a temptation at all to want to ‑‑

TIGER WOODS:  Well, they don't see it.  They don't see the range sessions and they don't see the practice at home.  Plus, they generally don't understand the game, especially at this level.

If this is his idea thinking before saying something, I can only imagine what he really thinks!