Just One Of The Awkward Questions Rory Will Get Wednesday...

What do you mean by the Twitter hashtag #ftb? For the boys? *&^% the begrudgers? For Tom Brady? What?

The Telegraph's James Corrigan feels the lad may have compounded his difficulties and revealed a side that might give him an edge, but might also turn off those who prefer a more pettable Rory.

While his followers were wondering what “FTB” stood for, Ronan Keating, the Irish popstar, tweeted back to McIlroy, “loving the hash tag bro. £FTB”.

Keating apparently has a tattoo on the inside of left wrist which reads, “F--- the begrudgers”. McIlroy tweeted back to Keating that Shane Lowry, his fellow Irish pro, “told me you would like it”.

Did McIlroy mean that? If he did – and the fact the tweets were quickly deleted only enforced the suspicion – it surely would hint at his state of mind. Just another question for McIlroy to answer.

The press conference is at 9 am ET and will air live on Golf Channel and perhaps on PGATour.com.