Anchorers Clark & Scott To Gov Bods: Just The Facts Please

Doug Ferguson gets Tim Clark, lead anchorer, to speak about his appearance at the Torrey Pines player meeting where the proposed anchoring ban snowballed from done deal to PGA Tour opposed.

"What we have here is a different method of putting," Clark said. "It's not wrong. It's not against the values of the game. It's still a stroke. People who come out and say, 'It's not a stroke, you don't get nervous,' I can't believe that. I've been using it for 15 years. I get nervous. I miss putts under pressure. Putting essentially will always come down to 99 percent brain and mindset and confidence.

"If I felt I was cheating, I wouldn't be using it."

So what exactly changes when the putter end gets moved an inch away from touching your chest? Apparently a lot.

Adam Scott begged for mercy. And facts.

"Now we're making rules for the betterment of the game based on zero evidence? Incredible," Scott said.

"What did they think when they allowed it?" the Australian added. "You're dealing with professional athletes who are competitive, who want to find better ways. ... What do they think when they've got super talented golfers putting in thousands of hours of practice with a long putter, short putter, sand wedge, whatever? It was just a matter of time. They're going to get good."