Norman May Have Location For His Medalist Shark: Advising China Golf Team Ahead Of 2016 Olympics

I've been worried about the massive mounted Shark that Greg Norman removed from above The Medalist's locker room bar in an uber spat over Bobby Weed's hiring to undo course changes, but I think we have a location!

China Golf Association national training headquarters! That's where, according to this unbylined AP story, he'll be spending thousands of hours heading into Rio 2016 developing "a comprehensive plan of instruction, nutrition, mental training and course management, along with providing his own tournament experience."

And self-confidence instruction too...

"My role is not only to help prepare the China national team for international competition, but to also teach social skills, etiquette, honesty and self-confidence in giving young Chinese golfers a pathway to their future as adults."

What about wine tasting?