Ernie's Back To Anchoring For The Time Being

Ernie Els was going to start using a short putter more often after the Masters. Those plans already were shelved after he was T3 in putting at the Masters.

From his RBC press conference today.

Q.  I asked you a little bit about this on Sunday, is the only reason that you're considering going back to the regulation length putter because of the potential ruling?  And where are you with that process right now?

ERNIE ELS:  Well, it's interesting, you know, I think I was No.1 in putting being last week in Augusta.  And I really worked with Sherylle, my putting lady.  And she really got the message across what she wanted me to do and I really started feeling that.  I was going to go with a shorter version this week.  But I putted so nicely with it last week, I'm going to keep going with the belly.

But I'm really getting comfortable with both versions.  Back in most of my career I played very well with the short putter.  I feel I can do that again.  But it's going so well with the belly, I don't want to stop until they ban it.  We'll see what they do.

Q.  Was the only reason you were considering going back to the shorter one because of the ruling or other factors?

ERNIE ELS:  Not really, I thought I was going to make‑‑ I could make more putts from 15 feet, 20 to 25 feet with the short putter.  But since working with Sherylle now, again, I'm feeling very comfortable with the long putter.

But, yes, to answer your question, I was going to go back to the shorter version because I felt more comfortable on the longer putts.

Els also talked about celebrating a bit with Adam Scott on Sunday night, explains Brian Wacker.

"We had quite a few beers, both of us," Els said with a huge smile. "You can imagine what we said. I couldn't say (what), not in proper English.

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