No More Giant Rat On The Road: USGA Reaches Deal With Union

Jessica Parks reports that the USGA has reached a deal with two labor unions, ending their protests over the use of out-of-state labor.

This would also mean the end of the giant rat's presence welcoming folks along Haverford Road.

The carpenters will set up 160,000 square feet of flooring for the spectator tents and walkways, as well as decorative elements and other infrastructure, union spokesman Ed Coryell Jr. said. Stagehands will set up speaker systems, projection screens, and other entertainment elements.

The USGA's current contractor, Classic Tents, will finish putting up the giant white tents, which Coryell said "was a tough pill to swallow."

"We looked at it like, over 50 percent of the tents are already up," Coryell said Monday. "But we got to a point where we were losing work every day."