R&A/PGA Of America Relations Moved To DEFCON 2 As President Brings Up R&A's All-Male Membership

You may recall my Golf World story from Augusta noted the deteriorating relationship between the PGA of America's Ted Bishop and R&A Chief Executive Peter Dawson over the proposed anchoring ban.

There is also now a growing the game component...

Tim Rosaforte fleshes out the festering feud and receives some fresh fuel from Bishop, who is firing back at the R&A's male-only membership.

"I find that to be very curious and perplexing given the fact that the R&A has not been inclusive as evidenced by their unwillingness to accept women as members to the R&A," Bishop said. "This is a much different approach than we have taken in America."

And besides confirming the details of the Masters week brouhaha, Bishop adds this:

"In the end, I pass off the differences between the PGA of America and the R&A to be a result as the difference between our two cultures," Bishop said in his email. "Europeans have a tendency to accept the things that are imposed by their respective governments, while Americans will debate, argue and vote on issues. I think that is the fundamental premise that America was founded on."