One More Addendum To SergioTigerMarshalgate

I didn't see the update to Michael Bamberger's original story on the Tiger-Sergio dustup, where one of the marshals is now suggesting an earpiece might have prevented him from hearing Tiger ask for clearance to play. Thanks to reader Andrew who told me about this latest twist which should now prompt the PGA Tour to reconsider the use of ear pieces!

I'm so confused at this point that maybe we need the Warren Commission to sort out a saga summed up in a general story by AP's Doug Ferguson.

And the update to Bamberger's story:

In a follow-up interview Wednesday morning, North said that, with an earpiece in one ear, it was possible that other officials had an exchange with Woods that he did not hear. He said he was beside Woods's ball as he prepared to play his shot but was as much as 20 feet away when Woods actually swung. He said his statement about "character" was based on his understanding that no marshal had said anything to Woods.