Middle East Peace Sounds More Likely Than Tiger/Sergio Truce

Steve DiMeglio with Tiger's one-word answer and an exclusive follow up on whether he has thought to call Sergio and bury the hatchet after last month's Players Championship incident.

"Obviously, the matter has been put behind me. The truth came out," Woods told USA TODAY Sports about the incident with Garcia. "As I was saying the entire time, I told people what I had heard and what had happened."

More importantly, he reiterated his views on the proposed anchoring ban and suggested he'd like to see the a ban sped up for the PGA Tour.

" … And as far as the PGA Tour, I hope they do it as soon as possible to be honest with you. I've always said that. I've always felt that golf you should have to swing the club, control your nerves and swing all 14 clubs, not just 13."