Video: Rickie Does Dallas

Under dark and blustery Dallas skies Rickie Fowler and Colt Knost plugged sponsor Red Bull and launched Crowne Plaza Invitational week while attempting to make a hole in one to a Texas-shaped green.

Take that...guys over playing the Open Championship qualifier.

The name of the game was to see who could hit it closest to the pin, while egged on by special guests and former Dallas Stars hockey player Marty Turco and Kip Brennan.  The two contestants strolled out to the sidewalk and warmed up with an 80-yard lob wedge, followed by 115-yard gap wedge from across the street and onto the AT&T Plaza green. Fowler started off slowly in these practice rounds, while Knost consistently landed on the green.

Then the two players jumped into a golf cart and drove around the block to an adjacent 3rd floor parking structure for the main round.  From there, they attempted blind shots from 140+ yards that to had fly over a 6-story building or be sliced left-to-right to land softly on the Victory Plaza green.  With golf balls flying over the heads of hundreds of spectators, Fowler first jumped on the MIC to let the fans know they “should probably duck.”

The video.