Why Is Vijay Not Suing WADA?

If you've followed the Vijay Singh doping scandal, you know that he was cleared because the World Anti-Doping Agency rescinded its stance on deer antler spray when his appeal process led the PGA Tour to inquire with WADA "to confirm a number of technical points."

The PGA Tour, having never commented on the case other than to say no comment, then cleared Singh even though he had violated the doping policy as it was stated when Singh admitted to purchasing and using deer antler spray.

Yet Vijay has not named WADA in his suit and many think he would have had some merit to his claim had he named the organization that originally named deer antler spray as a violation and then changed their mind. After all, as recently as February 5th WADA had issued a warning about deer antler spray in light of Vijay's admission. The PGA Tour remained silent.

Singh's lawyers, who just magically were at The Players Wednesday--a day after filing the suit in New York--spoke to Golf Channel but did not go on camera. They did, however, get asked by reporter Todd Lewis and producer Scott Rude about WADA and attorney Peter Ginsburg responded:

Golf Channel: Will you take issue with WADA?

Ginsberg: We are only focused on the PGA (Tour).


Golf Channel: In the recent past, the Tour has defaulted to WADA with issues related to performance enhancing drugs…

Ginsberg: All the PGA Tour had to do was reach out to the UCLA laboratory to analyze the spray is to ask UCLA to do a basic, elementary test to determine whether it contained any substance that was banned. The PGA (Tour) didn’t. They didn’t even bother. I don’t know if it was arrogance or irresponsibility. It was uneducated.

Would Vijay have at least some credibility had he also sued WADA?