Tiger And Evening Golf At Masterful Merion

During the 2013 U.S. Open's late evening restart, Tiger Woods made it clear that he's experiencing serious pain in his left wrist. Yet given the chance after the round, he said all was "fine."

I walked with the all-star pairing of Woods-Rory McIlroy-Adam Scott in the storm cloud-filtered light as they tackled their final three holes and Woods’ favoring of the wrist overshadowed a rejuvenated-looking McIlroy and an intense Scott (who had a wonderfully spirited exchange with caddie Stevie Williams about the 10th tee strategy).

On Tiger's second shot into 10, the tee shot on 11, the approach on 11 and even the wedge shot that set up his four foot par putt that will kick off his Friday restart, Woods visibly shook his wrist after the shots in obvious pain. He even gave the 10th tee portable toilet a nice whap, obviously frustrated by pain he would not acknowledge after the round, giving his "fine" assessment to a USGA media official.

However, it's the same left wrist Woods sprained in the 1995 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills.

On Golf Channel’s Live From coverage, Brandel Chamblee questioned whether Woods’ shortened swing and bowed wrist has take on too much stress.

“One of the most shocking things I have seen in the last couple of weeks is just how short Tiger Woods’ golf swing has gotten," Chamblee said. "When you combine that with a little bit of a bow in the left wrist and the quick change in direction, he is setting himself up for stress with that left wrist.”

Since Woods won’t say, we can only guess how it happened but he certainly wanted everyone to know he was hurting.