Those Letterman Top Ten Lists Just Aren't What They Used To Be...

The Justin Rose, post-U.S. Open win list is positively brutal, but by no means the fault of Justin.

If you have three minutes of your life you never want back...

Top Ten Questions People Ask Me About Golf

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
10. "There is regular gold, there is miniature golf - how come no giant golf?"
9. "Why don't all balls have dimples?"
8. "Does Obamacare cover the yips?"
7. "Ever get tired of Jim Nantz whispering?"
6. "Would you let President Putin hold your trophy?"
5. "How often do you slap your caddy?"
4. "Is a threesome better than a foursome?"
3. "Can you get me an autograph from PGA Honorary President Allen Wronowski?"

Okay for golf wonks, that was good.

2. "Would you say this is my sweet spot?"
1. "Where's the strangest place you've ever made bogey?"