Hey, What About Inverness?

With Merion's U.S. Open success folks have wondered about other supposedly past-their-prime venues and Dave Hackenburg makes a case for his home state's once regular member of the major championship rotation: Inverness.

The Inverness property totals about 300 acres, according to chief operating officer Eric Rhodes. That doesn't include considerable acreage owned by Health Care REIT across Dorr Street that has been made available to the club for past major championships, or some city-owned land to the west that could be used.

''We might be the only tournament club in the country that is capable of parking every car on site," Rhodes said.

Meanwhile, the golf course is about to get even better. Inverness is going to close its course for the year in August to regrass all greens and many fairways, renovate all those bunkers that were not dealt with before the 2011 Senior Open and to reconfigure the Nos. 1 and 10 tees in a manner that could lengthen and considerably toughen those holes.