Tom Watson Waited Seven Holes To Discuss '12 Open With Adam

From today's Adam Scott press conference at Muirfield:

Q. Specifically looking back, what have you learned from those last four holes at Lytham last year?

ADAM SCOTT: Look, I think there are lots and little bits and pieces, but overall you just have to be tough coming down the stretch, and I wasn't tough enough that day. A four-shot lead isn't enough if you're not going to be tough. Even if you're being tough, four shots can only just get you over the line. And. I played a practice round with Tom Watson at the Australian Open last year and he waited seven holes to bring up what happened at the Open. He asked me, and I told him what I thought. And he said that he let one slip early in his career, and he said he would never let that happen again. He would just be tough and want it so badly. And sometimes maybe that has to happen for you to realize that. Obviously words coming from him I took to heart.